Who Is Your Youtuber Boyfriend?

Have You Ever Fantasized About Meeting Your Favorite YouTuber? Maybe You Were Getting An Autograph From Them, Sharing A Hug With Them, Or Taking A Quick Picture With Them.

Well, In This Quiz, You Discover Your True YouTuber Boyfriend. All You Have To Do Is Answer 12 Questions To Find Out Who The Special And Lucky Guy Is!

Created by: Brooklynn
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Color Do You Prefer?
  2. How Do You Waste Your Nights?
  3. How Do Your Friends/Family Describe You?
  4. What Do You Do When You Wake Up In The Morning?
  5. Where Do You Do Most Of Your Thinking?
  6. Where Would Your Ideal First Date Be?
  7. When You Watch YouTube, What Type Of Videos Do You Watch Most?
  8. What Is Most Important To You In Life?
  9. If You Had A Pet (Or If You Currently Have One) What Type Of Animal Would It Be?
  10. Which Of The Following YouTubers Would You Want To Collab With Most?

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