How well do you know Orion?

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Hi, my name is ORION! Yes, I am the youtuber that the quiz is about! I am a youtuber that uploads gaming videos every alternative day! If you enjoy this quiz please give it a rating!

I made this quiz to see if I'm doing good at YouTube and how smart my audience is! If you enjoy my youtube this quiz is for You! Make sure to check out my YOUTUBE

Created by: Orion of My Twitter!
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  1. When was Orion born?
  2. When was Orion's first YouTube video uploaded?
  3. What was Orion's first YouTube channel called?
  4. What's Orion's first name?
  5. Whats Orion's favorite color?
  6. Whats Orion's favorite animal?
  7. What's Orion's #6 name?
  8. Whats Orion's twitter handle?
  9. How often did Orion promise to upload?
  10. Is Orion Awesome? (pick AWEESSOME)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Orion?