Which Greek Mythology Character Are You?

I'll beat you like Greek mythology. If so, this is your quiz! Click on me to find out what kind of character from Greek Mythology you are!! Or, you might not be mythology at all!!

Are you Zeus? Hermes? Poseidon? There might even be some characters in here you haven't even heard of, but are!!! Please leave comments, I'M LONELY!!! This is a product by Nathan Inc. Do not copy my company name or I will find you. You will die. HAHAHA!!! (Sorry, I went overboard there.)?

Created by: Nathan Inc.
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  1. You promised that you would look after your friends favorite music CD for the weekend, but you accidentally thought it was bread, and put it in the toaster, =). What do you tell your friend?
  2. There's an evil in this world and it's going to overthrow the Gods of Olympus!!! What do you do!!?
  3. There are love rumors floating!!! What's your position in the love rumors?
  4. You have just been triple dog dared to eat dog food out of a hobos belly button!!! What is your reaction?
  5. What's your favorite color? (Does effect your score)?
  6. You have been challenged to take down a mega-aggressive beast!!! WDYD?
  7. ZOMBIES ATTACK!!! What's your favorite way to kill them?
  8. You just broke up with your gf/bf, how do you deal with the situation?
  9. Yay I just need a couple more questions!
  10. Are you hot?
  11. FINAL QUESTION!!! How do you feel about death?

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Mythology Character am I?