Which Gorillaz Character are you?

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Hello erm , this is a quiz for Gorillaz fans . You could get 2-D , Murdoc , Russel , Noodle , Cyborg, Paula , or Del . What fun . Hope you like it ...

They're making me right another paragraph . So , my favourite character is 2-D and my favourite song is Plastic Beach , O Green World , and on Melancholy Hill.

Created by: Nudoru
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  1. Of these songs , which do relate to the most?
  2. Of these Gorillaz songs , which do like most?
  3. Of these songs from the self titled album , which is your favourite?
  4. Of these songs from Demon Days , which is your favourite?
  5. Of these songs from Plastic Beach , which is your favourite?
  6. Which of these singles is your favourite ( Including Humanz singles)
  7. Which of these Humanz songs are your favourite?
  8. Which of these Black Keys ( idk ) songs are your favourite?
  9. Which of the following is your favourite BORNS song?
  10. Last irrelevant question , what's your favourite Lana Del Rey song?

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Quiz topic: Which Gorillaz Character am I?