Do u know know gorillaz?

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Many people say they love Gorillaz. But only a handful really do. What defines a true Gorillaz fan. A true Gorillaz fan has seen the concerts, read the book, watched the videos.

Are you one of these amazing and gifted individuals. If you think so, take this quiz and be judged by the ultimate gorillaz fan... Me... So have loads of fun!

Created by: Annabelle
  1. Murdoc is a-
  2. The current members are...
  3. What color of 2Ds eyes?
  4. Why is Murdocs skin green?
  5. How did noodles survive el maƱana?
  6. I hope u caught that last trick! Did you?
  7. What does murdoc say
  8. Which song does not have a video? (Warning:HARD)
  9. Who was the original guitarist
  10. In what video does Noodle play uh... It was like, a keyboard that you blow into. It was on plastic beach! Help me on the comments please!
  11. Did you like the quiz?

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