Which Garden are you apart of?

Welcome to the quiz that determines your garden! Once you get your result screenshot and send it to a local guardian(Marin is usually on) Hope you have some fun.

This is a Quiz that determines your garden for the “The Rebels Garden” server. In your results please DM them to the guardians because after you get of yours some garden secrets may be revealed to you.

Created by: Phantomist
  1. Worst Trait?
  2. Best Trait?
  3. In a battle what do you do first
  4. Let’s continue the battle scenario... So you just won what do you do?
  5. Let’s say it went the other way and one of your leaders just surrendered what do you do?
  6. Away from the battle: Books or movies
  7. Work! Work!
  8. Why do you ____ like you’re running out of time
  9. Thomas ______
  10. Ok, ok enough Hamilton references. Which garden do you want?

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Quiz topic: Which Garden am I apart of?