P!nk's Biggest Fan Quiz

Time to see who the biggest P!nk fan is!! Please complete the test without using a search engine and and send us a screenshot and wait for a admin to reply

There will prizes given away, remember there is trick questions so keep an eye out for them. i cant wait to see everyones results. how exciting are quizzes

Created by: JFan

  1. Let's start off with an easy one, what is P!nk's real name?
  2. At what age was P!nk signed to La Face Records?
  3. P!nk's first album, "Can't Take Me Home" produced how many singles?
  4. What did P!nk originally want to call her 5th Studio Album?
  5. Finish The Lyrics... "I forgot to say outloud..."
  6. What song is P!nk's most successful single to date?
  7. Which song appeared on the 2003 movie 'Charlies Angels: Full Throttle' soundtrack?
  8. What song are these Lyrics from? "I am only this way Because of what you have made me"
  9. What was the original title for 'I'm Not Dead'?
  10. What is the Name of P!nk's third album?
  11. Which of These songs doesn't exist?
  12. Finish the Lyrics... "I press record..."
  13. How many times does the word 'f**k' appear on the recording of 18 Wheeler on the album 'M!ssundastood'?
  14. What P!nk song's music video includes the Character 'Lady Delish'?
  15. Which of the following hasn't been released as a single off 'Funhouse'
  16. Which song doesn't have a music video?

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