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Hunter gather from ancient times went out and found what they needed and today its no diffrent but do you have the skill to find that little bit of information. Have ago and find out not your usual pub quiz

Use your favorite search engine to find those answers the trick shouldt be getting 100% but getting it quickly enough about a 60 seconds a question should be enough

Created by: alan

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  1. C3P0 friend of r2d2 got his name from a map reference of George Lucas local?
  2. Who was the only other rebel pilot to survive through all three original Star Wars movies
  3. One of the most famous buildings in Russia ST basils cathedral Red square Moscow?
  4. What is this figure 299 792 458?
  5. What is this number also 340.29
  6. What is the average wave lenght of a red laser
  7. What is the approximate density of lead?
  8. The tallest building in the world currently under construction is the Burj in Dubai but approx how tall?
  9. Kal uhm nee is the phonetic spelling for a word but what dose it mean?
  10. Why is a Blackberry called a Blackberry
  11. What specific vehicular form dose the leader of the Autobots take in the recent 2007 transformers movie?
  12. Its black an white and runs around the African plains but if it was a type of wood what would its latin name be?
  13. data analysing robot youth lifeform was better known as
  14. plan 9 from out of space a really really really bad movie. The actor who played the lead character Jeff Trent however went on to have a pretty good career even staring in an episode of Airwolf but what was his characters name in this episode. Wallcott Pla
  15. Valles Marineris is the longest canyon on Mars but how long is it
  16. This weird looking beast know in Latin as Daubentonia madagascariensis resides in the paradise of Madagascar but what animal it shares its feeding methods with?
  17. Homer Simpsons middle name is Jay but what is the middle names of Bart
  18. Chuck Norris once used a butterfly knife camping. This may not sound special but he used it to build a tent, start a fire and kill a deer. Oh, and as a compass. But what where the names of his super parents who brought him into this world?
  19. The Nile is the longest river in the world but what is the 94th longest in the world
  20. In the 1970s a Swedish company invented what revolutionary flooring product?
  21. What was the original but not so catchy name for the blackberry?
  22. Which film won best picture at the Oscars in 1972?
  23. The tallest tree The tallest living tree stands five stories higher than the Statue of Liberty. It is a Mendocino Tree, a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) found at Montgomery State Reserve near Ukiah nut how tall is it?
  24. The smallest tree The world's smallest tree calls the frozen Arctic tundra home reaching a staggering height of 5 cm when fully grow, although it does tend to spread itself out over the ground
  25. Biggest land animal
  26. What is the smallwest land animal
  27. Volney has appeared in many movies. But What animal is he
  28. JRR Tolkein famously wrote The Lord of the Rings. What does the JRR stand for
  29. Which Airport has the code MME
  30. What is Xylography?
  31. Wat country has the oldest flag?
  32. If I was to donate to wikipedia what colours would I see on the wiki logo?
  33. What is the fourth higest mountain in the UK?
  34. They called Ireland Hibernia and Scotland Caledonia, but what were they called?
  35. Where is the 17th most populatede city in India
  36. What is the approx latitude of Georgetown, Gayana?
  37. How many tennis courts does Bill Gates have at his home?
  38. Who is rumoured to have bought 'the British island' in 'the World'?
  39. Which of the following is not an operating system?
  40. what dose BIOS stand for

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