DX Know It All?

The quiz is about DX. See how much know know about DX. This is about the old DX and the new DX. So come in and see how much you know about DX. You can't win them all. But you can try to beat them all. Thanks for playing the DX game. Have fun.

Their are no rules but one. You can't search for the answer for the question. If you search than you are a cheater and know nothing about DX. So if you are going to cheat than don't bother takeing the quiz. Have fun and enjoy.

Created by: glenn

  1. Who is in the new DX as of the end of 2006?
  2. How many times have triple h held the Wwe/world title?
  3. How many times have hbk held the Wwe/world title?
  4. When did DX form for the first time?
  5. When did DX start to fall apart and when did they split up?
  6. When did DX return in 2006?
  7. When did triple h get injured?
  8. Who DX beat at summer slam 2006?
  9. What is triple h real name?
  10. What is hbk's real name?
  11. Who was not an original member?
  12. What was the first wrestlemaina DX was at?
  13. Finish the sentance "we got two words for ya ____ _____"?
  14. Who were the co founders of DX?
  15. When was triple h born?
  16. When was hbk born?
  17. Who was hbk partner at no way out 2007?
  18. Wh did triple face and what match type was the match at royal rumble 2004?
  19. What type of match was DX in at survivor series 2006?
  20. Who is older

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