Basics of football

Football is a fun sport to play and create new friends. just knowing the basics of football like number of players, format helps you get interested on how the game is.

Do you want to have fun playing around with friends and know the basics about football which will help you to start playing a game. Take this quiz after you have read the first 6 slides on basics of football.

Created by: nehad

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  1. Number of players on football pitch
  2. Equipment
  3. How long is one half of a match ?
  4. where would you start a match in a game on pitch ?
  5. Who is the person that calls out fouls ?
  6. who is the person that helps out the Referee?
  7. Looking at Digram of football format slide 6, Who are the player that stand in the back ?
  8. Looking at Digram of football format slide 6, who are the players playing going towards the goal?
  9. How many half's are in a game ?
  10. how long is a whole match
  11. bouns question what is an offside rule?

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