Second half match

Football is a fun sport to play and create new friends. after this test you know how much you team scored in the match with adding it up with the first quiz you took. Goodluck

You will get to play a match and know the skill of football after you score high on this test. Do you have the energy to play great and score more points for your team. Answer the question correctly and you will have more point for our team

Created by: Nehad

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  1. what is Dribbling?
  2. how many players do you need to pass the ball only across ?
  3. explain the defending skill ?
  4. How many defenders are on pitch?
  5. when shooting where do you wanna aim?
  6. what skill is giving the ball to another person?
  7. what is the offside rule ?
  8. if a player causes a harm to another player from opposite team what card is shown in a game ?
  9. Minor foul that just give warning to a player is given what card?
  10. if a gets a red card what happens to them ?
  11. when does a team get a free kick ?
  12. how long is a full match of football ?
  13. how many player on pitch ?
  14. To start a match the ball is in
  15. what the Equipment to is known to be used in football?
  16. who is the one who calls offside, fouls that the other team dose.

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