What tf2 class should you play right now?

Blah blah blah blah these are words that I am saying. Hope you have a nice day as I say these random and inconvenient words right now at this very moment.

Ever wonder what class you need to play to help your team when you join a match? Well just take this quiz and youll know exactly what class to play as to move your team forward.

Created by: Oofmcgee

  1. What mode are you on right now?
  2. Are you defending?
  3. If you chose ctf, are you on teufort?
  4. Are there a bunch of pyros on the enemy team?
  5. Is your team full of f2p? (Free to plays)
  6. Is there a heavy medic combo demolishing your team?
  7. Is your engineer having trouble with a spy?
  8. Is an engineer defending?
  9. Is there an enemy sniper that is getting to high of a killstreak?
  10. Is there an enemy demo setting traps all over?

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Quiz topic: What tf2 class should I play right now?