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Have you read the PJO/HoO series? If you have do you think you've got what it takes to answer all the questions? Well do you really think that your the biggest fan? Some are hard and some are super easy.

Well, this quiz will do you a BIG favor. Are YOU the biggest fan in the PJO/HoO? Have you read every single one of the books? Even the Demigod Files/Diaries? Well take this quiz to find out if you know everything!

Created by: KyKat123

  1. Who is Rachel Elizabeth Dare?
  2. What is the first sentence in The Lightning Thief?
  3. How did Percy Meet Tyson?
  4. Who is Juniper?
  5. What was the Gods gift to Percy?
  6. What did Percy say was the most dangerous fight he has had. (The Demigod Files)
  7. What was in Annabeth's dream that was going to help her find Percy?
  8. Who was June?
  9. What does Bob want Percy to say when he escapes?
  10. What did Percy and Annabeth do that Piper was jealous that She and Jason couldn't do?
  11. Fill the blank prophecy: 7 HalfBloods Shall answer the ___. To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with final breath. And foes bear arms to the doors of death.
  12. Who was the person that couldn't talk that Luke and Thalia met on their adventures as kids? (The Demigod Diaries)

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