Which game crav charter are you frien!

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Have you ever wondered which game crave character you are? Find out now by taking this quiz about the game fricking seiners mum yes alright do yeah least hop in

Also you should subscribe to the mrmemegaming YouTube channel, galindork YouTube channel, and the lazarito gaming youtube fricking channel so yeah yes

Created by: Alex lopez
  1. Do you try too hard to troll?
  2. Are you a paleontologist
  3. Why did you left?
  4. Do you like roblox
  5. Are you racist scum do you know de wae
  6. Do you dinosoooh when you grow up
  7. are You a furry
  8. What is your favorite number
  9. Do you like YouTube ad revenue and you like views
  10. Do you like to sing Yonni songs
  11. Are you yellow
  12. Do you like minecraft
  13. Do you make Fortnite references everyday
  14. Do you have little to no hair
  15. Do you like fortnit

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Quiz topic: Which game crav charter am I frien!