which fairy are you?

a fairy is what you will be in this quis, which fairy are you by silvermist lover 165. i have 6 fairy mentors from each talent except for winter. i hope you enjoy!

do you think you know what fairy you are most like, well you can find out for sure in this quiz that tells your inner fairy. I have six fairy mentors from each talent just like i said in pharaghraph 1.

Created by: lily
  1. your flying around pixie hollow and you find a bunch full of 500 lily petals! what doyou do?
  2. you want to make the septar for the season but don't get chosen. how do you react.
  3. some fairy asks for help making preporations for the new seaon. what do you do?......
  4. you want to get a pet but can't choose between ladybug or hummingbird. what do you do?
  5. one of your fairy friends get very ill.What will you do to help?
  6. you have a bowl of acorn soup and you need to deliver it but it falls, How would you react
  7. how high would you fly if you could
  8. if you were queen clarion what decisions would you make?
  9. what do you like better?
  10. you see a fairy who has a pet but can't keep it anymore. what would you do?

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Quiz topic: Which fairy am I?