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  • This was fun, but a bit difficult, particularly #11. How does one really answer that question? More importantly, how does one choose only one answer?

    I'd like to know more about the results--for instance, more about WHY I am like the character, Maureen. Could I read the characteristics of the other characters so I could compare my traits with those?

    Very insightful questions, I must say. Provocative.

    There is at least one spelling error which you will want to correct. (sorry, I don't remember the word now, but you could run a spell-check.)

    Rita Curtis

  • I turned out to be Maureen too. These quizzes are always somewhat limited--how do you pick between history, art, architecture and food in Rome?

    Still, I think you forgot one major response to a vision--journaling it!

  • This was kinda diffrent. I mean I really didnt get it. But then again....I dont really get anything cause im CRAZY but its a good quiz

  • Huhuhu.. i only get 0% score .

    Huhuhu.. i knw nothing bout the expctd chrctrs .

    Huhuhu.. 2 bad 4 me

    jemah jempot

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