Which Elemental Wolf Are You?

What elemental wolf are you?. Are you made up of dangerous fire, strong earth, ever changing water, boisterous air, enlightened light, or smothering darkness? Take this test and we will find out what your inner wolf is.

Fire, earth, water, air, light, and darkness. These elements make up our world and we all share some of the qualities they possess, take. This test to find out what your inner wolf is made of.

Created by: alphawolf
  1. Which of these colors do you like most?
  2. You were kicked out from your old pack. Beaten and humiliated you are left in the pouring rain in unfamiliar lands. What do you do first.
  3. If you were to hunt, what lands would you prefer?
  4. A young wolf approaches you. He begs to follow you and your pack (if you have one) what do you say?
  5. In a pack what would you do?
  6. A wild bear is approaching you and your mate. He is approaching you with hostile attentions, he looks huge a fierce, and fighting him might get you killed. What would you do.
  7. Lets say your a lone wolf. Powerful and strong, and you own a large area of land, abundant . In and few in danger. But something feels missing, what would you do?
  8. Wolf hunters are encroaching on your land. And time is running short, what do you you do?
  9. Which do you like best? Fire, earth, water, air, light or dark?
  10. What trait best suits you?

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Quiz topic: Which Elemental Wolf am I?