Which elemental wolf are you?

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There are 6 elemental wolves. They are fire, water, earth, air, electricity and ice. All are powerful and have different advantages. All have strengths and weaknesses.

Which elemental wolf are you? Have you ever wondered? Are you fire or water or ice or... There are 6 wolves you could be. So why don't you take this quiz and find out which one you are!

Created by: guineapiglover37
  1. What of the following is your favourite thing to do?
  2. Out of the colours below, which is your favourite?
  3. Choose your favourite sound.
  4. Choose what sentence would most excite you.
  5. What is your favourite element?
  6. What is your favourite name for a wolf from the ones below?
  7. What would you love to do?
  8. Favourite food/drink from the following?
  9. What book title sounds most interesting?
  10. Last question! What weapon would you want?

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Quiz topic: Which elemental wolf am I?