Who's Your Forest Pet?

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Want to know what's your wild pet? You will find out in this quiz or the "quest". You will fight in a battle with foxes and birds, and will have to go to mountains.

You will drink a strange type of liquid and will have to measure amount of water. Will you have a strong wolf, clever fox, calm rabbit, nutty squirrel, or powerful bear?

Created by: Cinder K.
  1. You are on a quest to look for your forest pet. You have no idea who's your pet. Who do you hope it is?
  2. You were walking when you almost trip over log and a rabbit. What do you say?
  3. You are thirsty. You find Water of Life in the middle of the forest. You could either drink it or not. If you drink a cup, you will become clever. If you drink a quart, you'll become fast. If you drink two gallons, you'll become strong. If you drink three gallons, you'll become powerful. Will you drink it? How much?
  4. You see mountains. However, in your way, there was a battle- birds against foxes. Who do you hope to win?
  5. Should you help your chosen animal (fox or bird) win?
  6. You were forced to fight with the foxes or the birds. You chose your chosen animal. After the battle, your chosen animal grants you a wish. You tell it about your journey. The animal gives you a golden apple. What should you do with it?
  7. You arrived at a river. Will you swim or climb on trees and jump to another?
  8. You arrived at the mountains. You say...
  9. You are waiting.
  10. Good luck with the results.

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