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  • Water 86%

    You are a water wolf! Water Wolf: Water wolves are often more cautious than others, but they enjoy a great time, are born leaders, and are easily tempered. You: Your perfect hobbies would be swimming, surfing, and body boarding. You probably like wearing super baggy clothing and like cool, liquidy colors. You are often a loner, but when others find you, you are the alpha wolf. Others like you since you can be cautious and sincere, but they also like your wild, courageous, competitive temper. You may find it hard to befriend others and show your true self. You can be shy and aggressive when you first meet someone new, but you always work it out in the end. Advice: You shouldn't be so shy and aggressive all the time. You should cool down and be your true self, otherwise you may put yourself at risk of wearing out. And, never let your guard down!

    Awesome and pretty accurate... :)

  • I never let my guard down and never will

    Fire guy
  • Of course I a fire wolf but I am it said so

  • I was a water wolf.... I specifically check the TIGHT box for what type of clothes to u wear!!!

  • Cool im a wind wolf!Awesome quiz!

  • thanks, i hope you guys really like it. i am a water wolf! i put a lot of effort into this quiz, and i wouldn't want that to go to waste.

  • Fire Wolf!
    Awsome quiz!

  • great quiz, i got fire wolf, and believe me, to me your hard work on this quiz is noted

    Daniel F
  • Go Fire! :D


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