Which DSMP member is your best friend? :)

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okay, so basically i was bored and made this for no reason, so yeah- i was in the middle of making a quiz a while ago and then i lost it- AnYwAys- sorry for not having a lot of results (theres only 6 ;-;) but it wouldn't let me save any more- and i gotta meet the requirment so ima just type in random letters


Created by: Benson
  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. favorite place?
  3. uh ok im running out of ideas already- uh- how would you describe yourself?
  4. pick a person
  5. pick one (look them up to listen to them)
  6. what does the fox say?
  7. tommy is/isnt
  8. you are sad. what do you do?
  9. you fell down the stairs- what do you do
  10. alright, that's all I got- thank you for takin' this quiz! bye!

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Quiz topic: Which DSMP member is my best friend? :)