Which Dragon Ball Z Character are you?

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The Dragon Ball Z world is a large one, many heroes, many villains, many allies, many foes. You may wonder "Where is my place in that bizzare world?"

Do YOU want to find out? Of course you want to! Are capable of becoming a Super Saiyan? Only one way to find out! Well, take this quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Jermaine
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  1. Greetings to the quiz! Time for a basic question, what attack would you have in real life?
  2. If you wanted to get better how would you do so?! (THIS IS WORTH 6 POINTS!!!!)
  3. If someone close to you was killed what would you do? (WORTH 3 POINTS)
  4. If someone disrespected you in a racist or a taboo manner how would you react? (Worth 5 points)!
  5. What is your ideal Super Attack? (Points may vary)
  6. You find a very powerful warrior, yet he is lying on the ground, beaten down, what do you do?
  7. Which movies do you like?
  8. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
  9. Which Ultimate Attack would you have in real life?
  10. How would you finish your enemy off?
  11. Have you ever break a bone?
  12. Choose one unique ability (Worth 5 points!)
  13. Who is your enemy?
  14. What is your favourite food!
  15. Where is your ideal place to relax?
  16. Which saga do you come from?
  17. What race are you?
  18. Bonus Question (WORTH 6 POINTS!!!!!!) If I broke my pencil how many pancakes will fit on the roof?

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Quiz topic: Which Dragon Ball Z Character am I?