What dragon ball z race are you?

I am the mighty Goren and welcome to my world, this will show you what is in my world.

Created by: My name is Goren
  1. You are facing your first major enemy, [Good or bad], they have been able to block every move. you have accepted defeat but can't just give up, What do you try and do as a last resort?
  2. You are looking down at the enemy from the sky, he is on the ground charging up for their ultimant attack and it feels strong what do you do?
  3. You are in the afterlife, what happens once you get to king kai's.
  4. Your enemy has proven them self to be able to best you. You cant stop them from winning they will destroy your home planet what do you do?
  5. You have entered the Tenkaichi bodukai (World tornimant) you have flown through each round with flying colors, you face your rival in championship. What do you do to beat them?
  6. What is your special move?
  7. What color is your ki?
  8. Your planet was destroyed but your effort was not pointless, how did you die?
  9. Who trained you?
  10. You summon shenron, what is your wish?
  11. Who is your rival? (names are made up)

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Quiz topic: What dragon ball z race am I?