Which Doki Doki Literature Club character are you?

Hello! This is my first quiz! Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual horror game, so you have been warned. There are 4 possible results you could get for the quiz:

Sayori, the aloof and kooky girl! Sayori is your childhood best friend, and she is the one who asks you to join the club. Natsuki, the sweet and cutesy girl! Natsuki loves to bake, and she has a tough personality. Yuri, the deep and brooding girl! Yuri is deep and often clashes with Natsuki. Monika, the brains and beauty girl! JUSTMONIKA

Created by: FriskPacifist1 of Amino account link :)
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  1. First off, how did you decide to join the club?
  2. Ok, you joined! First activity, write a poem! What will you write about?
  3. Who's poem will you look at first? (Pick based on their dialogue.)
  4. Everyone sets out snacks. What will you choose to eat?
  5. There is a bunch of books laid out on the table. Which one will you read?
  6. Now that you have your book, where will you read?
  7. The club is ending. How will you get home?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. How did you like the quiz? (This won't affect your score.)
  10. Who's best girl? (This won't affect your score.) (But Sayori is clearly best girl. What? Don't leave me hanging here!)

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Quiz topic: Which Doki Doki Literature Club character am I?