Would Draco like you?

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Draco seems to be loved by lots! And I'm not surprised. But do you know if he'll fall for you? Take this quiz to become one step closer! I do recommend checking out other quizzes.

I made this quiz because I am a huge fan of Draco! I love his bleach-blonde hair and his confusing character. I also like him because its really sad how frightened and pressured he becomes. So I hope you like the quiz!

Created by: Waterwood
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  1. You see Draco try to open a jar of some sort of leaves. What do you do?
  2. Yay! It's your first class of Caring for Magical Creatures! You see Draco trying to act like a dementor. Your reaction?
  3. You remember the prophecy of Draco getting hurt by his arrogance. Then Hagrid introduces you to BuckBeak and asked who would like to meet him. Everyone goes back a step besides you and Harry. Now what?
  4. So lets say you ride Buckbeak. When you get back Draco smirks, "hey, potter, even (your name here) is braver than you!" Harry argues that Draco wasn't that brave either. Draco is like, "me? I'm not scarred of a stupid little bird!" Draco starts speed-walking over to Buckbeak hits Draco in the knee and Draco starts crying. You:
  5. When you get to Madam Pompfreys you see Draco talking to Crag and Goyle, "just they wait until my father hears about this" when Crag and Goyle start to leave you pretend to go to Madam Pomprey... then go to Draco. Then you:
  6. Draco tells you that he doesn't need your comforting and stares at you as if you're a weirdo.
  7. You think about what had happened:
  8. FAST FORWARD: Yule Ball is Coming! Who do you want to go with?
  9. Lets say Draco's date (Pansy) somehow (evil grin) falls down the moving staircase so Draco needs a new date. He asks you!
  10. What do you wear to the Yule Ball?

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