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  • Well, I must congratulate you THOUROUGHLY!!! Well done on this quiz, I got golden retreiver (which is true I am a bookworm and although I figure skate I hate sparkles/pink and like baseball -not softball) and then Germanshepherd was my next result, which also fits me-more protective, but loyal as well.

    You had a wonderful selection of breeds, by the way, as well. It's really too bad you aren't a member, because if you were I'd probably want to contact you and talk about dogs, as I am a bit of a do fanatic myself.

    One last note, If I ever make a dog quiz like this, (which I did and it got deleted xP) I might also add the Xoloitzcuintli,(xzo -lo-itz-coont-lee) which is the only 'hairless' dog, from Mexico, the only hair which it has is a patch on the top of it's head, and you even have to use sunscreen on it to keep it from getting burned. Just an interesting dog I thought you might want to hear about since it isn't talked about much due to it's long name. :D

    rubber paw
  • Yay! I got golden retriver and its true! I am bookworm and a soccer girl!!

  • Movie star! Cool! (I'm a dalmation.)


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