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  • Metal dice with a gold frame 82%

    I really liked this quiz and found it very interesting! I've never thought of what kind of dice I might be. 5/5. rating. I know it's just so you can sell dice sets,, but it's still a good quiz!

    I've also been wanting to play D&D for awhile, but have never had the chance.

    • Thank you so much for taking the test :) ! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, makes the making of it worthwhile!

      I highly recommend trying D&D at least two times in life, it's a wonderful hobby, and I really hope you get the chanse to do it soon :)

    • Yeah, I was going to learn to play it with some friends of mine a few months ago, but it didn't end up happening :(

      I've read some of the Dragonlance books, which are based on the game, and I really like those. I would definitely recommend them.