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  • 80% L 20% near my i fricking luv them my fav characters. sorry everybody else

    aswesaa Jun 4 '16, 7:29PM
  • I got roughly 60% L and 40% Light

    The_Endroid Sep 20 '15, 3:58PM
  • I am 80% Near, and only 58% L. Intesting.

    TrueGrim May 7 '15, 12:06AM
  • I'm 91% L. Heheh. I love sitting in the slouching crouch position(:

    Inevitable Feb 21 '15, 10:35AM
  • I got Matt Yay! My favorite character straight away the only difference with me is that I don't smoke

    2nddemon Jul 28 '14, 4:19PM
  • I am Near, 60%. I am L, 2%. I have died inside.

    hhhhh Jul 26 '14, 2:10PM
  • I'm Near

    Jazzy_Kat Apr 5 '14, 11:30PM
  • HELLS YAYES. I got Mello. :3 GO VIOLENCE!

    BTRfreak Nov 23 '13, 12:51AM
  • L!!! Yay he's my fav

    lovelifelive Dec 19 '12, 4:59PM
  • Me'z L-ONEESAN! he's gunna kill meh now, seeing i stole his profile-thingy, whate'er... :( -huggles L plushie-

    awesomecuziam May 8 '12, 10:44PM
  • I got Light! Booyah! He's my favorite :3

    light_islove Mar 6 '12, 6:17PM
  • I got Matt, for the wins. :3 Matt's my favorite, and this makes me overjoyed!

    MattandMelloPWN Nov 6 '11, 9:21PM
  • lolz im matsuda! *does epic face*

    matsuda Nov 14 '10, 10:05PM
  • we!!! im matt n' if u no me i am a electroniholic *gunna play naruto now* ^-^

    hidanlovere Apr 24 '10, 4:46PM
  • I am L. :3

    And on TEAM MARIO!!! XD

    doki Dec 27 '09, 9:10PM
  • Your Result: You are... L!

    L is one of the greatest detectives in the world, and probably one of the only ones who has such a terrible sweet tooth. You have some odd tendencies, but that's what makes you so awesome!! YAY L!

    yay... i'm L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!..... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDD...

    JashinSama May 22 '09, 7:39PM
  • Your Result: You are... MATT!

    Matt is Mello's ally. He's a video game and computer enthusiast and he's really coolio and he has a unique fasion sense. The only bad thing is that he smokes... a lot...

    Omg yay!

    Codestonees Mar 24 '09, 11:25PM
  • Yessss!!! I'm near!!! He's my fave since l died!

    MackiKaulitz Jan 25 '09, 3:55PM
  • Yay! I'm L! *runs to hug eru-chan's plushie* (eru is the Japanese pronounciation of L) ;)

    musicluver1991 Apr 8 '08, 10:22AM

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