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  • hahaha totally me!!
    Greg You dont take life too seriously,
    and can make even the most serious
    person laugh hysterically. Although
    you are often a goofball, you have
    great respect and loyalty for those
    you care about. You use humor
    often, but arent afraid to deal with
    serious situations when necessary.
    You put up a tough front, but deep
    down youre just a dork that cares
    deeply for others. You arent afraid
    to pursue whatever your dream is at
    the time, and you manage to
    overcome whatever obstacle is in
    your path. You make friends easily,
    but remain loyal to the ones you
    care about the most. You love
    rocking out to whatever band you
    are obsessing over at the time, and
    you are always up to date on current
    trends. Overall, you are sweet,
    funny, compassionate, determined
    and loyal.

  • These results are really similar to myself--well written test too! :]

    Sara. You are very dedicated to your job, and doing what you feel is just. You are very driven and passionate about everything you do, and you tend to be quite moody. You are brutally honest, and are never afraid to speak your mind. You learn quickly, and are always eager to learn more. You tend to be emotionally unstable at times, but you are strong and usually able to cope with high stress situations. You are often sarcastic, and aren't afraid to show how tough you are; although deep down you have a heart of gold. Overall you are witty, passionate, tough, and honest.

  • Your Result: You are Gil Grissom

    GRISSOM You are wise and knowledgeable. You are quietly passionate, but shy away from intimacy. You have a love for literature and obscure facts, and find humor in the little things. Many people find you strange, but you couldnt care less. There arent very many people who know you really well, and you like it better that way. You spend much of your time alone, doing the things you love rather than wasting it with people that dont understand you. You respect everyone, and can see people for who they are, without judging them. Overall, you are compassionate, introverted, extremely intelligent, and somewhat of an outcast.

    Yep, that's pretty much me. I'm kind of a loner, except for my brothers, bff and bf.

    Search 'Are You Hot Or Not' and click the first option.

  • I was Greg. Yay :) He is my favourite CSI Ever because he's nerdy and funny. And because he doesn't get along with Hodges who i dislike greatly. I think That CSI: Vegas is the best series though. NY just annoys me.

    GO CSI!

  • This quiz was quite delightful and I am graciously greatful for it's creation and I have to admit Gil Grissom is most definately my character and top of my favorites thank you for the grand quiz!! Go GRISM!!!

  • I was Greg Sanders first and Sarah Sidle second. I thought the description was much more similar to me than a lot of personality quizzes. Thanks!

  • I was greg sanders and I answerd serieusly, i like greg sanders a lot in the show, he's my favourite. greg is just funny, geeky, and that's what i love, i think the others are great too, csi is just awesome, i wish i were a csi too, that would be great..:)

    Manon Klerk
  • I LOVE CSI and I too turned out to be Sara Sidle my 2nd favorite character, my favorite character is Greg Sanders and I got him second.....

    CSI = BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got exactly who I think Im most like! Good quiz. Asks enough questions to be reliable. Good job!

  • Wow no ones Commented since like seven years ago

  • I am most definitely like Nick!

  • YEP they go it rite i am brutally honest and totally tough i am Sarah

  • I was Sara Sidle, she is defiantly my favorite CSI Character.

  • I am a HUGE C.S.I. fan and this quiz was fun and interesting!! I always thought I was more like Katherine Willows but nope...... I'm more like Sara Sidle!!

  • Yeah I'm definatly Sarah! I say what needs to be said whether other people want to hear it or not.

  • I am a GINORMOUSLY HUMUNGUS CSI fan and I wish I was like Lindsay monroe. Unfortunately, I havn't found the ny version yet, so i'll just come out and say it. im more like sara. wahhh!

  • I wanted to be Greg :D

  • gotoquiz.com/which 10 things i hate about you character are you? uh finally

  • it waz to long 2 read each question so i jus started guesing umm yeah o can u take my quiz at [no urls] 10 things i hate about you character are you? please o and also comment


    an d if u happen 2 b someone from school thatz not my real name

  • i turned out as greg which im really happy about coz he's the funniest guy in CSI. i want to find the new york version but i havent managed to yet

    CSI forever!!!

  • wow, nice quiz! Got board during the beginning of it though, probably cause i dont watch csi much anymore.

  • well, good news! there is now a NY version that i created called Which CSI:NY character are you? try it out and see who you get!

  • I got Sara #twins

  • I was Greg Sanders. I like him in the show just as much all the other ones.

    King Ranik
  • Nick Stokes! yeah, pretty well describes me. Awsome quiz!


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