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  • Your Result: Eyeless Jack 76%

    Not much is known about you. Non have seen you, but those you have crossed paths with you have lost a few pounds and gained a brutal scar where your kidney once was.Why your obsession with others kidneys is so strong, no one may ever know.

    50% Laughing Jack
    48% Jeff the Killer
    34% Jane the Killer
    30% Slenderman

    The faded smoke
  • Jane the Killer 74%

    Hunting the mad man that "made you beautiful" is the only thing on your mind. You feel sorry for the victims of Jeff, so you try to kill his victims before Jeff can. You think it is for the better, for them to die by your hands instead of Jeff's because your way is kinder. What you don't realize, is that your just like him...

    55% Jeff the Killer
    45% Laughing Jack
    36% Slenderman
    26% Eyeless Jack

  • Jeff the killer,I am very revenge seeking and would like to do my dreads quickly yet quietly like him. I'd like to make my victims suffer like they did to me. Cool quiz anyways mate

  • got Jane... Q12 Answer: Thar blunt object over there

  • yay!! i got jeff ^^


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