Which competitive Team Fortress 2 class best suits you?

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Ah, competitive Team Fortress 2! It sure is a charming game. Great fun to watch, great fun to play! As you may know, the traditional roles of the competitive team are two scouts, two soldiers (pocket & roamer), demoman and a medic. Most people identify themselves with one of these roles and practice that exclusively.

But not all people feel they can choose which role to take. Newcomers don't know which is the best class for them. I hope this test helps some newbies in TF2 competitive scenes to figure out what role suits them the best!

Created by: rarecandy @tf2
  1. When do you like to arrive to the battle?
  2. How dependant of the medic you are?
  3. How much firepower you have?
  4. When pushing on to a new area, what would you like to do?
  5. Who is your archnemesis?
  6. Do you like to offclass?
  7. Do you get ubered a lot?
  8. Do you get kritz'd a lot?
  9. Who is the first person you blame your death on?
  10. Your medic is dead! What do?
  11. How often you rely on your melee weapon?
  12. The enemy is running spy. How likely it is for him to target you?
  13. Which one of these describes you the best?
  14. How much you're with your team?
  15. How well you can guard your medic?
  16. Do you prefer open or closed spaces?
  17. At last: The stupid questions! Which is your favorite competitive role?
  18. And what is your least favorite role?

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Quiz topic: Which competitive Team Fortress 2 class best suits me?