What Team Fortress 2 class are you?

The age old question: WHAT TF2 CLASS ARE YOU?! Find out with this quiz and know the answer to the age old question. You could be 9 different classes!!!

Will you be scout? Maybe soldier... Or pyro? Maybe demo! How about heavy... Or engie! Then there's Also medic. Maybe you're more of a sniper or medic... Find out!!!

Created by: Collin Chandler
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you destructive?
  2. Do you help others?
  3. What's your personality like?
  4. Would you rather work with others or alone?
  5. Do you like explosions or bullets?
  6. Would you rather be big and tough or small and fast?
  7. Would you rather be Offensive, Defensive, or Supportive?
  8. What country would you rather be from?
  9. Would you rather be...
  10. Do you like fire?

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Quiz topic: What Team Fortress 2 class am I?