How well do you know Team Fortress 2?

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This is just a simple basic test on Team Fortress 2. It is designed to determine how much you know about the Team Fortress 2 basics. Of course, no-one will know EVERYTHING about the game, right?

Wrong! It is POSSIBLE! That's why you'll need to take the test to see if you match up against hardcore gamers like me. Don't give up; keep going until you get there. You have NOTHING to lose!

Created by: Danielle Shackleford

  1. The two team colours are red and...?
  2. Which class has the best speed?
  3. Which class is the only one that can heal itself?
  4. There are rumours that the red Spy has been getting it on with...?
  5. Which of these classes is a "Medic Buddy"?
  6. To play Team Fortress 2, you must install an application called...?
  7. As of 2012, Team Fortress 2 is now...?
  8. The Scout is said to cry at the sight of what?
  9. Which class is the only one to have an unknown country of origin?
  10. What nationality is the Heavy?
  11. What is the nationality of the Spy?
  12. Which category does the Sniper come under?
  13. Which of these is used to create custom Team Fortress 2 movies?
  14. The Medic is the class that is the worst at...?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Team Fortress 2?