Which Cocotama are you?

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Cocotama are everywhere, but you have no idea they are there. You save a hotdog for tomorrow and it's not in your lunchbox? Your favorite game is in an empty purse? Then a Cocotama is living in your Home!

Are YOU a true believer? If yes, put out cookies, wait, and ask to sign a piece of paper known as the contract of secrets and the Cocotama will know you're a friendly one.

Created by: Grace

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like sleeping?
  2. Can you make wishes come true without fail?
  3. Can you keep a low profile?
  4. Do you like plants?
  5. Can you be extremely quiet?
  6. Do you have allergies?
  7. Are you funny?
  8. Can you spell Mississippi without mistakes?
  9. Do you like jumping in leaves?
  10. Are you a true believer?

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Quiz topic: Which Cocotama am I?