Know your Cocotama!

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Cocotama are all over the place, but you have not seen any yet. You're gonna have to check every nook and cranny for a Cocotama if you really wanna see one.

Are you a Cocotama Master or a Cocotama apprentice? Take this quiz and find out which one you really are! And there is a 100% percent chance of you soon understanding.

Created by: Grace

  1. What is the Name of the main character overall?
  2. What is Mishiru's spy nickname?
  3. Who is the Fully fledged Cocotama God who is powerful but spoiled?
  4. Who is the Girl who owns the Cocotama house?
  5. What happens when a human sees a Cocotama?
  6. What was Yurano born from?
  7. Who is the Blue Cocotama that was born from a Book?
  8. True or false: Cocotama can fly.
  9. Which Cocotama are identical?
  10. Who it Kokoro's Cat?

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Quiz topic: Know my Cocotama!