Which Class of the Titans character are you?

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Okay, so you've watched both seasons, you know their weakness and strengths... but one question still remains, which Class of the Titans character are you?

So you think you know, do you? Well instead of guessing on who you would be, come take this quiz. A lot of time, information and characters are tied up in this quiz, so go ahead, take it already!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a superhero:
  2. Your thoughts on fashion?
  3. Are you family orientated?
  4. What is your favorite activity?
  5. Your deepest fear?
  6. Studying or working...
  7. Pick a word:
  8. Love is?
  9. Are you smart?
  10. My favorite food is?

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Quiz topic: Which Class of the Titans character am I?