Guess The Teen Titan Character!!!

.There are people who know the characters of teen titans,but a few are experts.Experts are who really know the teen titans and can have many questions correctly.

Are you a expert of teen titans characters?.Take this quiz that only take a few minutes of your WONDERFUL time and find out!!!.Hope you enjoy it have a wonderful day!

Created by: AmeQuizzes

  1. This Character speak Spanish,is from titans East and have a twin named Mas.Who is it?
  2. Has blonde hair and work for Slade.Who is this?
  3. Has black hair,is from Tameran
  4. Has a magic finger, is Robin's biggest fan.
  5. Is from Azerath, member of the Teen Titans, hates people going in her room.
  6. this character is from New Zealand.
  7. Has a crush on Robin, her father is a moth.
  8. Is funny,loves TOFU
  9. Can stretch her body,is a villian.
  10. Hangs out with Gizmo and Mammoth, brings bad luck.
  11. This character run SUPER FAST
  12. Loves martials arts,and dislike his friends in danger
  13. Have 50% human 50% robot
  14. Is a caring,lovable character

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