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  • Sapphire is my character too! ^-^ She is an ice wizard. She falls in love with Jeremy, the fire wizard. She has long blond hair with side bangs that sometimes cover her eyes. She wears a light blue half shirt with a snowflake on it, and a layered white skirt. She also has fluffy snow boots and a small snowflake tattoo on her hip. She carries a bow and arrows and is a great shooter. She also is nice, strong, protective, caring, fierce, defensive, athletic and cute.

    I love! I want! That's totally awesome! I want to read your writing! Totally describes me, and I just totally like it! Yay! Make the guy quiz, in my opinion. Just for laughs. I liked this...a lot.

  • Pretty good quiz! Just want to add one thing, I'm not very sassy.


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