Which Boy to Choose?

Are you crushing on two guys at once? I know I am. On twins. And I can't decide which one to choose! Anyway, less about me, more about you! This quiz will help you decide which guy to pick!

So your man... which one should you pick? They are both nice, funny, so very talented... this little quiz should help you decide! Sorry if your results say 50/50, it just means both of them are really good for you!

Created by: zebra
  1. First, make sure you know which guy is Boy 1 and which is Boy 2.
  2. Alright, quiz is officially starting. Which guy have you known longer?
  3. Which one do you have more in common with? (do the same things, activities, etc)
  4. Which one do you have more of the same interests as?
  5. Which one is hotter?
  6. Which one is cuter?
  7. Which one is funnier?
  8. Which one can you be yourself around?
  9. Which one is kinder?
  10. Which one is better at sports?
  11. Which one is more talented?
  12. Which one seems to care about you more?
  13. Has either one asked for your number or something similar?
  14. Has either of them invited you out anywhere? Not necessarily a date, but just out somewhere?
  15. Which one does your heart want?
  16. Which one does your brain want?
  17. Which one is smarter?

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