which Bnha character are you?

which bnha character are you? this is just a really awful quiz i made instead of doing homework like i should be doing. no wonder why i'm failing school.

this needs to paragraphs for this quiz to be accepted into the system so stay with me here. the answers you can get are: deku, momo, hey i'm tired, todoroki, bakugo, and mineta.

Created by: KarmaGHassassin of bnha test
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  1. what best describes you?
  2. Who are you in your friend group?
  3. is kiribaku the best ship ever?! WARNING!the one different answer changes your points dramatically.
  4. your beliefs:
  5. from point of views for each answer: who would you date?
  6. i'm tired and this is a waste.
  7. are you a pervert
  8. did you like this
  9. this is another question
  10. one more fake question

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Quiz topic: Which Bnha character am I?