What MHA Character (from my top 10) Has A Crush On You? (rp)

So this quiz will find out which BNHA character from my top 10 has a crush on you. Possible results: Toga, Bakugou, Tsu, Kami, Hatsume, Todoroki, Jirou, Dabi, Shiozaki, Kirishima.

The questions are in role-play style, and so are the results. Basically, answer the questions as if it was a story, and at the end you get the finish of the story! Oh, and after you accept or decline, you can finish it on your own :>

Created by: bob

  1. The sludge villain incident was scary. You felt bad for that boy there, the one who the villain held captive. Good thing All Might came in and saved the day! Wait, is that All Might? "I will give you my power." (i dont remember the exact quote shush) WAIT. WHAT? OMG THAT KID WITH THE BACKPACK IS GONNA GET ALL MIGHT'S QUIRK?!?!
  2. It's the UA exam day!
  3. You walk home and bump into somebody. You look up and recognize him as the sludge villain boy. Same blonde hair and red eyes... "Move." he says, giving you a death glare.
  4. On the way back home you bump into someone else as well. The boy who got All Might's quirk. You didn't get a chance to talk to him before... "I'm sorry!" he says, blushing slightly and apologizing multiple times again.
  5. Finally, it's your first day at UA. You managed to get into 1A instead of Mineta (bcuz nobody likes him). School starts, blah blah blah, and now it's lunch. Who do you sit with?
  6. While walking back from school (or wherever you were) you bump into a blonde girl with space buns.
  7. You finally reach home aaaaaaand-
  8. **possible spoiler idk** Later on in life, you get kidnapped by the LOV :> let's say this was a little after bakugou's kidnapping ehe so everyone is there. "We want you to join the League of Villains." this dude with a hand on his head says.
  9. Okay, if you had a choice, would you help in the Shie Hassaikai Arc? (like would you help save eri)
  10. Soo let's say All Might never gave Deku his quirk... and he *tried* to give it to you instead... *ahem* "Eat this."
  11. Someone asks you to hangout thru a letter. Point is, it's an anonymous writer. And they tell you to come to an abandoned beach... sound sketchy? Aha you still have to go... what do you wear?

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