Which BNHA character is your match(with roleplay,girls only)

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I was making this quiz during school time so please appreciate me- sorry I sound weird but anyway this quiz might not be satisfactory. Girls only I'm not saying this because I have a personal grudge against boys, but unless your gay or a girl don't take this quiz.

Also, I made this because I was bored in school too. I worked really hard and I'm nine so I don't think I submitted anything really inappropriate...did I?...

Created by: Gabrielle Myers

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Which quirk do you think is awesome?
  3. Which character do you think is hot or which do you want to get? (WON'T AFFECT YOUR RESULTS)
  4. What is the most important thing to you in a boyfriend?
  5. Are you into bad boys?
  6. Do you like another character that is not in this quiz? (will not effect your results, i didn't have enough time to put all of them there.)
  7. Which is your favorite girl character?
  8. We're almost done here
  9. What is your favorite food/type of food
  10. Ok last question, do you do social media?

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Quiz topic: Which BNHA character is my match(with roleplay,girls only)