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  • I'm a lion ! Great quiz !

    Youre a lion! You are a natural born leader, loyal, brave, trustworthy and true. Youre strong on your own and even stronger in a group. You lead with dignity and class. You have the strength of an ox and a heart of gold. People love you for who you are. Youre stubborn, fast, intelligent, outspoken and easy to talk to. Youre the person people come to for advice, or a shoulder to cry on. You offer friendship to all, except those who have hurt you or the ones you love. Though sometimes easy to anger, you are always looking out for others and have a natural instinct to protect.

  • Cheetah; nice quiz.

  • i'm a lion. it really sounds like me. nice quiz.. please take my quiz.. not your average love story and comment about it.. thank you ..


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