Which beyblade type fits your preference?

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Hello! Welcome to the Beyblade Type quiz! Here, you can get up to 5 results, and suggested combos if you are having trouble finding... Well, beyblade combos!

Here, you will find which type most represents you and which type you should use before giving up. So, take this quiz and see which type fits you most!

Created by: Anthony James Payne of beybladetypeteller.org
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  1. Do you think erratic movement will help with performance?
  2. Do you think EVERYTHING should have some defenses?
  3. Do you think beyblade should be balanced like the equinox perfectly balances day and night?
  4. Do you want to survive and outlast?
  5. Do you like rushing the match, bursting the other?
  6. Should you have 3+ modes on your beyblade?
  7. Do you prefer ragged blades or round?
  8. Just some random questions that do nothing from now. What do you think of attack beyblades?
  9. What do you think of stamina? Defensw, as well?
  10. What to you think of balance?

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Quiz topic: Which beyblade type fits my preference?