What type of cloth nappy would suit you best?

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Having trouble deciding which type of cloth nappy is best for you? E-Weez can help you, take this quiz and choose the answer best suited to your situation.

The results will tell you which type of cloth nappy you may want to look at investing in. Please note: This quiz is for fun informational purposes only, please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the results or require further information.

Created by: EWeez
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  1. What is most important to you when choosing a cloth nappy?
  2. Do you plan to use cloth nappies at night-time?
  3. Will you have more than one child in nappies at the same time? Do you plan to have your children close together (a 2 year gap or less)? If you said yes to either of these then select Yes below.
  4. How do you dry your clothes over winter?
  5. How important is a trim fitting cloth nappy to you?
  6. How much are you prepared to spend on setup costs for a full-time(24/7) cloth nappy 'stash'
  7. Who will be changing your babies nappy?
  8. Are you prepared to fold, stuff or use a separate cover for your nappies?
  9. Do you want an economical nappy where the covers can be reused at change time?
  10. Are you prepared to do regular (weekly/fortnightly) hot washes?

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