What "political group" do you fall into?

Have you ever wondered where you land politically. Well this quiz was made to be as blunt and up-front as humanly possible. By the end of this quiz you will undeniably know which political movement best fits your view on life.

There are 4 possible results you can get, Depending on which result you get, You will be suggested a few political speakers that also hold the same views as you do.

Created by: fat albert
  1. Should public high schools ban girls from wearing suggestive clothing? Examples: (yoga pants/ T-shirts that don't cover the belly button)
  2. A comedian should be able to use offensive slurs, When making a joke.
  3. Not wanting to date someone because their black or transgender is-
  4. You just found out that your best friend is anti-LGBT, How do you react? and no you can't change his point of view.
  5. Women are more oppressed than men, In the western world.
  6. Trans women are women
  7. Socialist policies, For countries that are already developed, Is a good thing. Examples: (Free medicare, Eliminating student debt)
  8. Illegal immigrants should be
  9. Which side do YOU hate more
  10. My country is better than all others

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Quiz topic: What "political group" do I fall into?