Which beats by dre headphone should you get

Are you interested I buying the beats by dr dre headphones by monster,but you aren't sure which ones to get?Well Ive got a solution to that problem right here.

I've recently gotten beats studios and have used my cousin's solo hd's.I have yet to use pros but I have heard a lot about them. Please note that this quiz is based off of personal experience.

Created by: Jordan
  1. Do you travel a lot
  2. Do you care about sound quality
  3. Do you care about looks
  4. Would you rather have larger headphones or small
  5. Do you hate having to pay for und use batteries
  6. Are you into noise canceling headphones
  7. Do you like comfort
  8. Do you forget to turn things off after using them
  9. Are you cheap
  10. Do you like to be the envy of you peers

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Quiz topic: Which beats by dre headphone should I get