How well do you know the anime; 'Angel Beats!'?

Let's test your knowledge for Angel Beats! You miiight just be the biggest fan. You never know. And, hey, even if you haven't seen the anime, you can still try this quiz!

With eleven, fun, questions, find out how much you really know about Angel Beats! I ope you'll have fun taking it just as much fun I had making it!!!

Created by: mak
  1. What is Hinata's first name?
  2. Who is Yuri?
  3. Where does the show take place?
  4. Why does Heedeem love baseball?
  5. Who is Kanade?
  6. What color are Yuzuru's eyes
  7. Where did Kanade stab Yuzuru in the first episode?
  8. What is the last name said in the very last episode?
  9. How many episodes are there?
  10. Who plays the piano?
  11. Who told Kanade to make herself have wings?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the anime; 'Angel Beats!'?