You think you know Fernando Torres?

This quiz is about my absoloutely favourite footballer in the world! Fernando Torres! He is the King of goal- scorers! He beats Ronaldo, he beats Defoe he beats every goaal-scorer except for the Liverpool FC god, Robbie Fowler! People are always comparing Fernando and Robbie! But i think Fernando could knock Robbie off the top spot later on in his career!

Are YOU the ultimate Fernando Torres Genius like me? We'll have to fing out in this quiz! So go ahead click the go button! IF YOU DARE!! But seriously if you're taking this quiz don't get to worked up about not getting the top score if you don't it's just for fun! OK well good luck on the quiz! Have fun!

Created by: Emily
  1. Starting off easy. When was Fernando born?
  2. Getting a bit harder now. What team did Fernando play for before Liverpool FC?
  3. What height is Fernando Torres?
  4. What is Fernando's wife called?
  5. What position did Fernando play before striker?
  6. What is Fernando's full name?
  7. What is Fernando's daughter called?
  8. Was Fernando born in Somerset,Milan or Wexford?
  9. What colour of football boots does Fernando never ever wear?
  10. Who are Fernando's Spanish team mates in the Liverpool squad?
  11. Just as a bonus! What accent do Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have?

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