Which "Ashes to Ashes" character are you?

Oi! Lift and separate- get your big bum over here! It's time to head back to the 1980s to fire up the quiz and find out which BBC "Ashes To Ashes" character you are!

Are you the bold DCI Gene Hunt? The glamorous DI Drake? The sarcastic DS Carling? The adorable DC Skelton? Or the street wise WPC Granger? Well, thanks to this fandabydozy quiz. . . you can find out in a just a few minutes! :D

Created by: amazon
  1. Which of these phrases best describe you?
  2. What is your worst trait?
  3. What's your style like?
  4. Your main flirting technique is. . .
  5. You're most likely to say . . .
  6. How do you deal with a crime?
  7. What's you favourite past time?
  8. The 80s mean for you. . .
  9. Your best physical feature is. . .
  10. Finally, what's your most precious possession?

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Quiz topic: Which "Ashes to Ashes" character am I?